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Dear All,

西班牙, 近10幾年來隨著有心的諸多釀酒師在全國各地將荒廢已久的葡萄園一一復育之後, 成了找尋物美價廉葡萄酒的重要產國. 俯拾皆是的老藤, 曾經一度被西班牙人棄之如敝屣, 現在卻成了精彩葡萄酒的幕後最大功臣! 不同於新世界葡萄酒的追求甜美肉慾, 西班牙有更悠久的葡萄酒文化, 在歷經不算短時間的蕭條之後, 再次給世人展現的是基礎於歐洲葡萄酒的雋永耐久藏, 同時新一代釀酒師在葡萄園的悉心照料與釀酒想法的自由奔放, 完完全全賦予西班牙葡萄酒新的生命與活力, 不僅品質優越, 價格更是再平易近人也不過了!

今天要介紹的兩款, 一款(1號)來自最近十分火紅的Toro產區, 一款(2號)來自最最經典的Rioja產區, 卻同時都得到R.Parker 本人給予 93 的高分, 但是價格卻是多數得到同分數的波爾多的一半甚至三分之一都不到!


1.2012 Yaso, Compania Vinedos Iberian @請電洽
The 2012 Yaso is 100% Tinta de Toro aged six months in French oak. It boasts a dense ruby/purple color as well as a big, sweet perfume of blackberries, white chocolate, licorice and graphite. Full-bodied and opulent, it offers a fresh, full, exuberant mouthful of red wine with some minerality as a result of the high-elevation limestone soils from which the grapes emerge. It should drink well for a minimum of 4-5 years.

Long time readers of The Wine Advocate are familiar with the selections of Patrick Mata, one of the most driven, passionate and talented young men in the wine world. These are his newest releases, which should be in the marketplace this fall. He continues to expand his business and as the notes that follow indicate, he has now added a burgeoning selection of high quality, distinctive wines from Portugal. His portfolio actually includes three import companies, Ole, Peninsula and Obrigado. For more information on Patrick Mata, see Issue #202 (8-31-12).

2.2010 La Tercera, Rioja Reserva @請電洽
A sensational Rioja made from 90% Tempranillo, 5% Graciano and 5% Grenache, the 2010 Reserva was aged 30 months in French oak. A classic, traditional Rioja, it exhibits notes of lead pencil shavings, unsmoked cigar tobacco, black cherries, blackcurrants and subtle oak in the background. This dense ruby/plum/purple-colored 2010 is medium-bodied, elegant and pure with a lovely texture and lushness. Already revealing secondary nuances as well as considerable appeal, it should drink well for 4-5 years, possibly longer.


因為是非常優質且數量有限的酒款, 還是得再告訴大家, 有興趣的 朋友請盡快回覆您需要的品項與數量, 此次購滿 6 瓶屆時即享免費宅配服務. 符合宅配條件的朋友請告知您的中文姓名, 宅配地址與聯絡電話. 謝謝大家, 謝謝!!

PS.1: 請注意, 這些酒款均為現貨酒, 即日起光復店開始供貨, 若有提前或延後會另行通知有購 買的 朋友
PS.2: 開瓶希望每次的推薦酒有興趣的朋友都能買到, 但有些品項真的就是太搶手, 在此再次跟所有曾經或即將向隅的朋友致上最深的歉意!!