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布根地好紅酒只在夜丘? 讓 Pavelot (Savigny Les Beaune) 來完全顛覆您的刻板印象!!

獲選Remington Norman之大作-”The Great Domaines of Burgundy”位於Savigny-les-Beaune四家名莊之一的Domaine Pavelot,生產的葡萄酒總是充滿芬芳豐富的果性,同時表現出溫柔優雅的細緻度,款款均稱得上是”vins de terroir”,往往能表現出風土的不同特色,讓品飲者在享受到絕佳品質的同時又能充分體驗來自土地特色的樂趣!


Dear All,


Savigny-les-Beaune最出色的酒莊,Domaine Pavelot絕對名列前茅,Jean-Marc Pavelot70年代接手經營,在他的天份和認真無比的經營之下,品質更益發突飛猛進,而且在他的指導之下,兒子Hugues不但對釀酒充滿興趣而且頗得父親的真傳,已逐漸接掌釀酒的重責大任,父子齊心,繼續釀造出穩定高品質的款款佳釀。Domaine Pavelot的葡萄園採用傳統式的種植方法,除非必要,不然儘量不使用化學藥劑,除了坡度太陡的區塊外,大多都使用犁田來替代除草劑的使用。12公頃包括8片一級園及2片村莊級的葡萄園,全部都是人工採收,葡萄傾向100%去梗後發酵,村莊級完全不使用新桶,一級園的培養也僅僅使用約15-30%的新桶


Domaine Pavelot 連年酒質穩定Savigny les Beaune一級園涵蓋 Aux  Gravains, la Dominode, Les Peuillets, Les Serpentières Aux Guettes , 面積堪稱該產區佼佼者不分大小年份款款都充份展現Savigny les Beaune 各個地塊的風土特色Pavelot 佳釀果香迷人、細緻優雅、豐富飽滿.   並極富陳年潛力. 今日推薦的08年份目前已經進入巔峰期,十分可口卻又層次分明,餘韻酸甜平衡悠長,絕對可以輕易贏過諸多夜丘名莊酒!! J 而其 Corton 特級園白酒, 年產量僅約 300 , 台灣僅配到30的配額, 十分稀少罕見!!



1. 08 Pavelot, Savigny les Beaune 1er Cru “La Dominode”@請電洽

BH: 90-92 sweet spot outstanding!  Drink 2016+

葡萄藤樹齡 80(45%) 40 (32%) 10 (23%)
This is notably more deeply pitched with more earth emphasis to the ripe, somber and highly complex nose that offers up red, blue and dark pinot fruit that introduce rich, full and energetic medium-bodied flavors that possess excellent mid-palate concentration and plenty of finishing punch on the firm but finely balanced and mouth coating backend.
As it often is, this is the best in show in 2008.


2. 11 Pavelot, Savigny les Beaune 1er Cru “Aux Guettes ”@請電洽
BH: 90-92  sweet spot outstanding!

Moderate wood influence stops just short of inhibiting the clear expression of the pure extract of dark berry fruit, cassis, earth and sauvage hints. There is excellent richness to the laudably concentrated mid-palate that coats the mouth with dry extract and is given lift from the presence of an almost pungent minerality. This is a relatively powerful Guettes with outstanding depth and length on the mildly austere finish


3. 12 Pavelot, Savigny les Beaune 1er Cru “Aux Gravains ”@請電洽

BH: 92  sweet spot outstanding!

葡萄藤樹齡 80 (70%), 40年  (30%)

A brooding and reticent nose offers up a complex mix of various dark berries, freshly turned earth, humus and plenty of sauvage character. There is outstanding richness to the intense, firm and serious flavors that possess excellent concentration and terrific punch on the moderately austere and impressively persistent finish. This is built-to-age and is certainly going to need ample cellar time. Recommended.


4. 13 Pavelot, Savigny les Beaune 1er Cru “Les Serpentières”@請電洽
The 2013 Savigny-les-Beaune 1er Cru les Serpentières has an earthy, inward-looking bouquet with subtle forest floor and wild mushroom scents infusing the black fruit. The palate is medium-bodied with light tensile tannins. This is nicely balanced, although it is missing some depth and matière toward the finish. Drink this over the next 6-8 years


5. 13 Pavelot, Corton Blanc Grand Cru @請電洽

WA:92~94(By Neal Martin)
“I rate Jean-Marc Pavelot as the finest Savigny-les-Beaune based grower.”

There is just a single barrel of the 2013 Corton Blanc Grand Cru, which undergoes a slightly longer 18 month élevage compared to the Savigny-les-Beaunes. It has a very appealing bouquet with hints of lemon curd, green apple and minerals that gently unfold in the glass. The palate is fresh and vibrant with attractive white peach and apricot notes, a fine line of acidity and a gentle lilting almost Corton-Charlemagne-like finish. Excellent.




有興趣的朋友請來信告知您需要編號與數量, 滿 6 屆時即享免費宅配服務, 謝謝大家, 謝謝!!:) 符合宅配條件的朋友請留下您的大名, 宅配地址與聯絡電話, 謝謝!!:)



1. 此酒現貨酒, 2017/5/17(星期三)開瓶光復店開始供貨

2. 開瓶希望每次的推薦酒有興趣的朋友都能買到, 但有些品項真的就是太搶手, 在此再次跟所有曾經或即將向隅的朋友致上最深的歉意




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